TOP BEST 10 Artificial intelligence startups track in 2023

AI technology continues to play a significant role in technological advancements and the tech industry, it’s crucial for businesses to be aware of the most promising AI startups and their potential impact on various sectors. The following are the ten AI tech startups that are worth watching in 2023:

Vicarious: The company is developing cutting-edge technology to improve machine learning and robotics, backed by investors like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Samsung.

Cognitivescale: This AI and cloud computing startup is revolutionising the financial services industry, using its award-winning Cortex AI Platform to infuse trusted decision intelligence into business processes. This San Francisco-based company uses artificial intelligence to accelerate care coordination and transform clinical workflow and patient care.

Shield AI: Founded in 2015, the AI company’s Hivemind autonomy stack is the first and only autonomous AI Pilot, deployed in combat since 2018.

Deep 6 AI: A healthcare AI startup that is revolutionising the way medical professionals diagnose and treat patients by analysing large amounts of medical data to help medical professionals make more informed decisions and improve patient outcomes.

Databricks: Founded in 2013, this AI and data company offers an open, unified platform for data and AI, serving more than 5,000 organisations worldwide.

Stability AI: This AI-driven visual art startup is designing and implementing an open AI tool to create images based on text input.

Landing AI: The company provides deployment-ready AI solutions and enterprise-wide transformation programmes for customers worldwide, helping businesses to move their AI projects from proof-of-concept to full-scale production.

Observe.AI: This company provides natural language tools to track voice and text conversations, embedding AI into customer conversations, optimising agent performance, and automating repeatable processes that drive revenue and retention.

ChatGPT: As a language model trained by OpenAI, ChatGPT uses cutting-edge natural language processing and machine learning technologies to generate human-like text, making it a crucial tool for businesses and individuals alike.

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