The Dawn of AI, Image Portraits, and Girl Generators: A New Digital Era

AI girls generator


Picso AI is an online service that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate images, including artworks and female portrait images in various styles. It operates based on deep neural networks and is capable of creating images in different categories such as abstract art, digital drawings, and portraits.

How Picso AI Works

The functionalities of Picso AI are based on generative adversarial networks (GANs), which enable image generation based on input parameters such as style, color palette, and composition. Picso AI uses machine learning to search for themes based on the words you input and cleverly combines them into unique images. While the concept may not be entirely new, the software offers a plethora of diverse styles, including Van Gogh, Epic, Sketch, Octane Render, Cyberpunk, CG Render, Anime, Traditional Art, Digital, Ghibli, and many more. The service also generates female portraits in various styles, including anime.

To use the service, you need to visit the official Picso.AI website or download the mobile application from the App Store or Play Market. Additionally, it is necessary to create an account as only registered Picso users can work on creating artworks. Afterward, click on “Start Creating.”

Prepare a textual prompt that fully describes what you want to see in your image. Enter this text, for example, “A blue robot holding a giant pencil and laughing on a red background with a large audience.” The service also provides additional prompts located slightly below the text field. Among them, you can find the ones most relevant to your idea or use them as examples.

Choose the desired style from the provided options and click on it. Then select the number of images you want to generate. You can also adjust the image size.

During the creation process, additional features are available for portraits. For instance, there is a “Look Like…” option where you can add a photo of a girl as a reference. The algorithm takes your preferences into account. You can also add tags that better describe the parameters of the future AI girl.

Click on “Create and Publish.” When you create your images, they will be stored in the “My Works” folder. Additionally, Picso is available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, and it is user-friendly across all platforms, even for beginners.

Subscription Plans:

Overall, Picso is a free program, but there are a few limitations. For example, in the app, you can create only three free images per day, and an additional three on the website. You can unlock two more free bonuses by watching advertisements.

If you need to create more artworks, there is the option to purchase a Pro subscription. It provides 100 credits per month, Pro styles, and multitasking tools. Additionally, you can enjoy priority rendering of your images without watermarks.

The Pro subscription costs $9.99 per month or $39.99 if you subscribe for a full year.

Like any other AI program, Picso has its pros and cons. We have listed several advantages and disadvantages based on our testing of the tool.


Unique results without artistic skills: The tool can accomplish hours of work by an artist, illustrator, or designer in just a few seconds, saving you valuable time.
Commercial use of generated results: Picso allows you to freely sell or use the generated artworks in any of your artistic or design projects, without the need for a license if you have already purchased premium credits.
Unique results: The tool offers highly unique images based on your inputted textual prompts or combinations of words, granting you authorship rights to the generated results.
Variety of styles: The service provides a wide range of styles to apply, such as Van Gogh, Epic, Sketch, Octane Render, Cyberpunk, CG Render, Anime, Traditional Art


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